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Rulers and their Criminal Energies

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To all Ambassadors

CO / Readers and Communities of Intrest 


Germany, Luebeck, August 08, 2020

Please let that German language document be translated in many languages and be handed over to the corresponding people!

Belarus Women go on Strike against a Criminal Dictator by standing in Front of their Husbands!

Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Readers,

It is very regrettable that in our age as a woman one is forced to take on a protective function for the men and thus also for the family by going to the front as a woman to stand up for the justice and the truth.

Not only the women in Belarus, but also my person and preferably the person of my sister are permanently sent to the open front to ensure protection against the Strange and probably even to cover the filth of sick men, women, young people and even children what the devil, who has become overpowering, preferably controls or allows his allied souls and peoples to control on earth and in the hereafter, but ultimately and forcibly the truth will come to light!

The women in Belarus are now going on strike against a dishonorable person in front of their husbands, who considers himself a "chosen ruler", because the women will know that the men are being beaten up by the police, especially in the capital Minsk, or in the prisons could be mistreated and tortured to death.

Sometimes a woman and mother has no choice but to step in front of her husband and accepts the beatings or the abuse of the dictatorial rulers so that the man can stay alive and earn the bread to feed the family. The women themselves are also afraid for their lives and are also exposed to the risk of degrading rapes by the criminal regime or deportation to Poland and possibly the death could be the consequences for these courageous women.

But even if women did succeed in removing such a questionable ruler, one would have to wonder what would change for these brave women; whether even something would change women and whether they themselves and others would even notice it! ? Fortunately there were and still are some men, as in Hong Kong, who have also gone to the front and are still stepping forward, but for the remaining men who have sent their wives to the front or left them to the front, the above question remains in place.

Not only will the women themselves change, but also many of the boys or young people will sometimes orientate themselves differently, as they will recognize or perceive that the woman is the stronger force who has guaranteed the highest protection. Often this reversal of strength by the woman can result in a reorientation towards the same sex for the boys!

The tone of many of these courageous women and the way they deal with the men will certainly change significantly as a result of these tortures, which is also quite normal. Conversely, the man will have to bow to the tone of these women for these natural reasons, since he understands that the woman has given him freedom and protection in order to be able to shape his life according to his ideas.

Now there are very different character traits of the most diverse people and genders and each person processes the abuse or the criminal procedures but also the successes in one´s own way. Often the pet, especially the dog, acts as a kind of buffer to compensate for a natural hierarchy. However, as far as I know, there are actually women who can honestly respect a man and also accept him as a man, even if they have taken on the protective function of the family, but the majority of women can no longer honestly show a man this respect for natural reasons, however, the lack of this necessary respect usually only remains in the subconscious of most women!

Many children or young girls nowadays do not know any major differences between the sexes, partly because they only have to grow up with one parent or have grown up by a single parent familie and so these girls cannot make any specific or special demands on the opposite sex, which can also lead to this to turn to the same sex or be more interested in the same sex. 

The question, however, is: Who wanted it, who knew it, who abused it, who controlled it and who has got the upper hand? My person very much hopes that the upper hand will be male and remain male, because my person is even one of those women who absolutely needs the opportunity to be able to show extraordinary respect for men, which is becoming more and more urgent every day, if not one day to have no good future prospects for a new beginning on earth due to the lack of men on earth, which would be forced by such a current progress in the matter, but fortunately the possible new beginning is not nearly my person's decision!

It will no longer be sufficient for the men who have already been “rationalise” or who have died to hold their position against the "Strange"; men on earth must also take a stand against the strange in order to stand in front of the called Authorities, preferably in front of King J. and Emperor D., regardless of where the Emperor and at the given time the Empress are staying and whether the entire triune Authority is still on earth!

In these cases it is indeed correct that women also have to go to the front, since “the Strange” (Com-Puter) quite obviously wants to get to masculinity or to the actual man (Creator), to be able to subjugate the Man and for this reason the woman must place herself as a protective shield between these fronts!

Unfortunately, however, the fools of our end times bite the hand that feeds them among other things by refuse obedience to the Empress and by have abused the activities of the Empress and of the Empress's sister for too long, because what do these naive fools want and what do you want to do when the last active protective shield is destroyed?

Then you and everyone else around the world can only pray!

Best regards

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

HP : Note: An Empress can set up men but only a real man can set men to their feets permanently, no matter what figure he embodies, and he can only do this through his role model function! The order of the possible fairy tale, which could become true worldwide for all people in this world or in the hereafter, is still but in a quick way:

Little Table sets you by distributing goods and food for all hungry people worldwide ........... then it continues with: ................

Gold-Ass also stretches out over the earth ... ................ and then it goes on to the trend-setting happy ending with: ... ........ and

Cudgel come out of the Sack!

The First Fairy Tale Calls: The Whising-Table, The Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack!