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Nuclear Waste

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the UN United Nations UN Office Vienna


Vienna International Center

P.O. Box 500

A-1400 Vienna

Luebeck, Sunday, October 26, 2003      plus appendix, Sept. 03./04.2020 

Free translated into English language Sept. 03, 2020

Communication Possibilities / about Nuclear Waste / with Posterity

Please let that German language letter be translated in all commercial languages an be handed over to the right places.

Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Scientists!

As reported today in a broadcast by the NDR Info broadcasting station about the communication problems with our descendants in connection with the nuclear waste, I would like to inform you through this letter, especially you as a scientist or academic employees are addressed that you have completely different problems according to the broadcast as it seems to be present.

It was said that the nuclear waste was filled in 4 cm thick steel barrels, which were equipped with an additional gas layer. The nuclear waste is stored in underground pits, which should be placed under special rocks or mountains such as in old salt mines. In this regard, it was named Gorleben as a repository and the resulting attraction value for tourism in Gorleben. However, there was also talked about atomic processes in the barrels by a scientist, which is marked with a question mark as it was said.

Nevertheless, some associations are seriously worried about, how our descendants in ten thousand years from now our eras could be able to communicate by warning notices before opening such waste disposal sites, so that these descendants will not be harmed. You speak of a reduction in the risk posed by nuclear energy by a million years. You are lying and deceiving yourself once again and cannot draw correct conclusions from it. It was clearly stated by a scientist that the chemical processes will heat the atomic waste, that gases will be resulting and that the atomic waste will therefore have to expand.

This heating is associated with a very high pressure due to the expansion of the gases, so that the pressure will presumably increase continuously and possibly become greater than the pressure of the mountain rock and thereby an explosion can occur.

It was further said that from the area of 333,000 m² per 1 m² a gas amount of 1 m³ can be generated; what do you think then, what kind of explosion that would result and what consequences it would have? If you took a closer look at these scientists, you would have to recognize, that they think in completely different dimensions and will only describe themselves as a product of evolution that is able to destroy the whole world with a final bang.

Since the people are insatiable in many ways and can no longer be stopped, every conceivable limit opens up for you as a scientist, since you want to use and develop your potential for intelligence. You can demonstrate to the people the era of nuclear power plants free of radioactivity with your measuring devices, but you have not given any serious thought to the fact that the increasing number of Cancer cases, especially among children, is related to radioactivity.

It will not only be gusts of wind that can also come across national borders; it will certainly be small atomic gusts that have combined with nuclear energy and the air mixture through the exit from the nuclear power plants that can cause very serious and excruciating diseases, which can also have fatal consequences.

You should also use your measuring devices to check for any leakage of radioactivity on hospital premises in good time, because diseases such as Thyroids diseases are already being combated through the use of nuclear energy. If you are able to split or fuse uranium and plutonium nuclei to create such a high-energy chain reaction, then surely you should be able to interrupt those reactions by reversing the reactions. If you cannot interrupt or neutralize nuclear energy yourself, then you did not have the right to use this source of energy.

Please remember this principle for the future, because who should swallow your garbage in the end? One should dack you, put you over one`s knee and spacking you good and proper, so that you get to know your manufacturer as a product of evolution! You and other people have been trusted by many ignorant people who sit in leadership positions and positions of power and who do not have enough knowledge of human nature, and who usually also consider themselves to be the highest living being that exists.

These people have benefited from very high costs, also from the intellectual labor of others, participated in the "game without limits" and were able to distinguish themselves and enrich themselves. It is precisely this group of people addressed, including those responsible who have already retired, in particular the scientists, and those who have wordlessly looked forward to the atomic development, whose will now step forward.

You will not have warning systems developed for following generations, but you will take realistic measures and do not store such dangerous substances underground at a venture, in that you will be there on site yourself to check the atomic processes that will take place there and to take appropriate action.

You yourself will carefully open such waste disposal sites in order to be creative with the pressure drop, perhaps by evacuating the gases for the safety of the earth's atmosphere. You could in turn conduct these gases into thicker barrels and observe them. You will also recover the barrels that have already been sunk in the sea under high security conditions together with the specialists; This is especially true for the Eastern Bloc countries and countries that could not afford nuclear energy due to the high maintenance costs and still cannot afford it * today.

You have created the problems, and you will now have to sort them out at your own expense and risk, using your health or your existence, but unfortunately you will have to rely on specialists, who must now expose them to the danger in this regard.

The idea of warning our descendants through writing or symbols would have been good, if it weren't these possible explosions that would´t allow any descendants at all! As a scientist, you also dare to disclose such atomic processes apropos of nothing, that you are drawn out via radio. As a scientist, you only see what you want to see at first and everything else you play down professionally.

The world has become a highly sensitive planet, with an inner life that has already been exploited from all sides, especially through the use of atomic energy, and if you don't use your mind in time in this regard, then it'll pop!

You can probably find a way out of responsibility for yourself in this way by informing others and thus making them complicit, because you know very well that you will not accuse by any person or anybody will do anything against these underground processes, because no other scientist from your ranks, no politician and certainly no NDR Info listener fell called to do something, right?

Did you and the likes of you already know about this question mark before the final disposal or did it only come up through an incident? As a recreational sport for the people, you have long since had the adventure- and amusement-parks as a safe experimental valve with a basis and if that is not enough, you can still practice jumping into the depths, climbing on the mountain and slopes or the parachuting; but so far still roped up and shielded.

In order to go back to the idea of communication options with the descendants, I would like to point out, that a message for our generations and descendants will certainly exist and must be thought of thousands of years ago.

This prophetic message certainly contains, among other things, signs of the destruction of the world that will come from several sides, probably also from the interior of the earth. Furthermore, this message will report from at least one superior person, an Empress.

Please also prevent any further underground nuclear tests worldwide and let all atomic piles, nuclear reactors and nuclear power plants worldwide slowly but quickly shut down* now at the right time* and then take them off the nets, before all the garbage blows up around our ears one day! Please let the radio * broadcast from Sunday morning, October 26th, 2003, "Communication with posterity" or similar, played back as a recording in training rooms filled with the payers mentioned above. Talk to all persons and professors in this program about this letter.

Since I am not a scientist and I may have misunderstood something, please let my person get away with that misstakes, but one thing is certain; the earth will no longer get very old, because of your scientific zeitgeist or those who have no real basis.

P. p. Empress

March 10, 2018 /  March 18. 2021

The exploitation of the earth must be ended equally and evenly from all sides, as this amount of unnatural exploitation can also increase the global warming!

One could start with steel and aluminum, which would also fit economically with the punitive tariffs imposed by the so-called President Mr. D. T. from the USA, since driving in these dimensions will soon be history. Quite apart from that, I am amazed that no bang from a nuclear waste repository has yet been reported.

Appendix on September 3rd, 2020

Dear Readers, Dear Ambassadors from all over the World, Dear Royal Danish Ambassadors and Ambassadresses under the Leadership of King Juergen!

My person does not want to panic unnecessarily, but it is quite safe that there will be an increasing number of toxic gases from the earth that can be fatal. Last Sunday, August 30th, 2020, at least in the room of my person, which has a hollow wall connected with a shaft, my person got a "foretaste" what probably is indicative of one or even several sick roommates, however could be fixed on the end of time. At that moment, some doors in the apartment buildings across slammed, causing my life partner to leave the balcony. (Coincidence? Or what happened here?) *

Solution for the possible problem, which may also appear logical due to the

gigantic exploitation of earth:

1) End the exploitation all over the earth!

Recipe for our fragile and heavily damaged earth: Slowly and evenly reduce the exploitation of earth worldwide, then slowly and evenly reopen exploitation for a short time (oil and gases) and reduce it to a minimum again. Maybe repeat the whole matter several times!

2) Produce precisely controlled oxygen supply for private persons which have to be distributed specifically on site and do in this way with the mouth- and nose- protection as already used and available.

3) Change of residents of the mentioned tenants on the first and second floors!

4) Please let at least stop the illegal disposal of radioactive waste in the seas or in the deeps of the oceans!

Luebeck, September 3rd, 2020 / 4th, 2020

* Again dangerous gas in the house / in the cavities of the walls / emerged. The reaction of a neighbor in this regard was clearly audible! Also a significant lack of oxygen has also been occurring very frequently in the apartment of my person recently, but especially often in my home office and bed room!